Air Conditioning Repair

One of the most important things you can do to reduce your need for air conditioning repair is to invest in regular air conditioning maintenance. Many of the components of your air conditioning system are not things you look at or check every day. They are generally outside your home or business or tucked away on the roof or in the attic. Over time, you may have decreased efficiency, which is costing you money.

There are some basic maintenance items you can do yourself to reduce the frequency of air conditioning repair. You can make sure that the filters get changed regularly and clear any debris away from your air conditioning unit. Other more complicated maintenance items may need to be performed by a licensed professional. Here are some of the things a licensed HVAC professional may do during a maintenance visit:

  • Inspect and clean the various parts of your air conditioning system, including the electrical connectors, safety controls, and condensate coils and pans
  • Replace filters as needed
  • Check and correct any air flow problems
  • Inspect the voltage and amperage of the motor, as well as the operating pressure of the system

A maintenance visit is the perfect time to perform any minor air conditioning repair that is needed to keep your system operating at its best. These small tweaks to the system can extend the life of the system, help control your electric bill, and reduce the number of costly repair visits you need overall. Don’t wait until your system breaks down to get air conditioning repair. Have your air conditioning inspected by a licensed HVAC professional from our team at Climate Control Systems today.