Solar Solutions
We’ve all heard that solar energy is the next new thing, and harnessing solar power helps us keep the planet green. But how exactly do solar panels work, and how do they help us reduce our carbon footprint? There are a few important facts that can help you decide if solar solutions are best for you.

  • Solar Panels Capture the Sun and Convert it to Electricity. Solar panels capture energy from the sun, which is then channeled to an inverter where the energy is converted to electricity. When the panels have converted more energy than you need, the extra energy is sent back to the power grid.
  • Solar Solutions Harness Clean Energy. Using solar panels reduces the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) we put into the air – kind of like planting trees, riding a bike instead of driving, and recycling household items.
  • Solar Power May Save You Money. Not only can adding solar solutions to your home decrease your electricity bill, but there are also several tax incentives that make this a great option. Adding solar panels can also increase the value of your home without increasing your property taxes.

Solar panels last between 25 and 45 years and may not provide the best quality power system if you are in a shady area. Additionally, not all solar panels are the same, so make sure to do some research to find the panels that will work the best for you. Let our team at Climate Control Systems help you find the best solar solutions for your home!