Intro to Solar Powered Heating

Solar powered heating systems can be integrated into existing buildings without a problemWhether it’s to save money or to save the planet, many people have come to us at Climate Control Systems to ask about our solar panels. However, fewer people are aware that solar energy can be used not just to provide electricity, but also to provide central heating to your home. In this article, we at Climate Control Systems will provide a brief introduction to solar powered heating to help you decide if this option is right for you.

The type of solar powered heating system discussed here uses hot water and radiators to distribute heat throughout your home. First, solar panels on your roof collect heat energy. This energy is then transferred to water pipes that run underneath the panels, raising the temperature of the water. Once the temperature sensor detects that the water has reached a sufficient level of heat, the hot water is distributed through your pipes to all your water fixtures, including taps and shower heads but also your clothes and dishwasher. Hot water is also piped into the radiators, which then transfer the heat energy into the air and the surfaces of the room. A solar circulation pump keeps the water moving, ensuring that the water in these fixtures stays at the desired temperature.

Solar powered heating systems can be integrated into existing buildings without a problem, so you needn’t worry that your home is too old. Solar heaters on the market today have life expectancies of at least 20 years, exceeding that of a gas boiler and ensuring that you and your family will stay warm without issue for years to come. If you are interested in reaping the benefits of solar powered heating for yourself, call our team at Climate Control Systems to learn more.