Power Surge Protection
A big storm comes along, the power flickers, and all your electronics turn off and back on again. Did that power surge burn up anything important? Worried whether your power strips actually prevented any damage? Power surge protection is important in any home for situations like these. Here are some pointers to help you decide if you’re protected.

  • Protect Valuable Electronic Equipment. The most important pieces of equipment that should have power surge protection are anything that has memory or stores information. Computers, satellite systems, game consoles and any office equipment will benefit from this protection so you don’t lose valuable information. Do you have these devices plugged in to a surge protector?
  • How Many Outlets do you need?  If you know everything in your office needs to be protected, make sure to buy a surge protector that includes enough outlets. The surge protector will suppress any extra voltage coming through your outlets and protect this equipment from losing its data.
  • Check the Number of Joules the Surge Protector Can Handle. Power surge protection includes a joule rating that tells you how much energy it can handle before it will fail to protect your equipment. The higher the rating, the more protection you will have. Depending on the types of equipment you need to protect, you may need to purchase a higher or lower level of joules.

At Climate Control Systems, we can help you install a system in your home or business that encompasses everything you need when it comes to power surge protection. Call us today for more information!