Why You Should Consider Solar Panel Installation

Here at Climate Control Systems, we receive many questions about solar panels. Many people tell us that they’ve thought about installing solar panels on their homes, but haven’t committed to it yet because they aren’t sure if the benefits will justify the hassle. Our team at Climate Control Systems is proud to provide top-notch solar panel installation services and have left our clients more than satisfied with the results. Here are some of the top reasons that we think you should consider solar panel installation for your home:

top-notch solar panel installation services

  • Reduce or Eliminate Energy Consumption- Adding solar panels to your home can dramatically reduce your energy consumption, or even eliminate it entirely during some parts of the year.
  • Increase the Value of Your Home- As you may imagine, a home that can consume virtually zero energy is an attractive option to home buyers. Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills, and having the system already in place just makes your home even more appealing. Research has shown that solar panel installation can lead to an additional resale value of nearly $6,000 per kilowatt—for a 3.1 kilowatt system, that’s an extra $18,000.
  • Protect the Environment- Using solar panels to power your home is an effective way to dramatically reduce your personal carbon footprint and reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity from the grid is made by burning fossil fuels that release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, while solar panels produce clean energy. Solar energy is also endlessly renewable, and won’t be affected by fluctuations in oil and gas prices.

If you are interested in reaping any of these benefits for yourself, call our team at Climate Control Systems to learn more about our solar panel installation services.