Solar-Powered Cooling, Lenoir, NC

Increase the value of your Lenoir home while lowering utility bills with a new solar-powered cooling system.

Solar-Powered Cooling in Lenoir, North Carolina

A lot of people think that only those in Florida suffer from heat and humidity. The truth is that it can be rather uncomfortable here in Lenoir, North Carolina, as well. What is even more uncomfortable is opening that utility bill after having the air conditioning running all month. Here at Climate Control Systems, we have a solution to that problem: solar-powered cooling systems.

We have enjoyed 50 years of business thus far and continue to present solutions to all your heating and cooling needs. Therefore, it seemed only right to resolve those high cooling costs, as well as take a step toward reducing your carbon footprint, so our planet’s resources can be preserved, as well. With solar-powered cooling, using either your current HVAC system or an upgraded one, you can enjoy both of these benefits and have a comfortable home even on the hottest days.

A solar-powered cooling system will add tremendous value to your home. Between the energy savings and the increased marketability and selling price when you sell one day, you will easily recoup the cost for the system and may even have it making money for you. This is truly one of the wisest improvements you can make in your home and future.

If you would like to know more about solar-powered cooling – how it works, financing opportunities, federal and state tax credits, and what it would cost for your home – give us a call. We’ll be glad to go over all the relevant information, so you can determine if this improvement makes sense for your home.

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