Solar Heat Pumps, Lenoir, NC

One way we can achieve a more sustainable home or business in Lenoir is through the use of solar heat pumps.

Solar Heat Pumps in Lenoir, North Carolina
Your heat pump is one of those critical components in our appliances at our home or business that we often don’t think about. However, it is also one of those things that constantly runs to keep our living and working spaces comfortable and our appliances working well. At Climate Control Systems, we believe solar energy is a great way to harness solar power while also keeping the planet green.  One way we can achieve a more sustainable home or business in Lenoir, North Carolina is through the use of solar heat pumps.

So, how do solar heat pumps work?

  • Sun Converted to Electricity – The first step with any solar application is to use solar panels to capture the sun’s energy.  This energy is then channeled to an inverter, where the energy is converted to electricity. Solar heat pumps run on this electricity in order to operate efficiently in your home or business.
  • Clean Energy – Solar energy is an excellent solution because, unlike regular electricity, when solar panels have converted more energy than you need, it is simply sent back to the power grid. This means using solar heat pumps reduces the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that is transmitted into the air, reducing your carbon footprint and harnessing a clean energy source.
  • Save Money – The use of solar heat pumps and other solar products in your home or business can save you money! Not only do they reduce your electricity bill, but there are also tax incentives available to home and business owners who choose to incorporate solar solutions. Additionally, solar panels can increase the value of your property without increasing your property taxes.

Let our team at Climate Control Systems help you find the best solar solutions for your home or business and discuss whether solar heat pumps provide a good solution. You’ll see and feel the difference when you begin to transition to solar energy. Call us today to get started!



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